Saturday, 28 January 2012

Support, communication and motivation

As a child, I can never remember being stressed. Not how I would define stress at this stage in my life anyway.

But can it affect children in the classroom? I've been wondering this for a while, and if

So..A little bit about me..
My Dad is an alcoholic, and throughout my childhood I saw him repeatedly steal, attempt suicide, hurt people, lose his license and go to prison. But at school, it never affected me. At least I don't think it did. I was popular, I was hard working and I generally enjoyed myself. My home life never got brought into school, and the only time it did was when we were moving away.

I just don't get why so many children now are diagnosed as being 'stressed'. To me, its just a label. There are ways to cope. We had ways as children, and if we didnt, we found them and so did my parents, grandparents and great grandparents, so why cant these children do the same? Not everyone needs medication!

I've been looking up stress in children on the internet and have come across a statistic site called Our Stressful Lives (it uses stats from something in america called APA) which says that when stressed, teens and tweens (8-12) reported difficulty sleeping, headaches and eating too much or too little. But come on, what child didnt get the occasional headache, had a sleepless night or had a day where they stuffed their faces and then a day where they didnt eat at all? To blame it on stress seems completely barbaric to me. Send them to bed at a reasonable time, feed them proper food and dont let them just sit in front of a TV all day long!

Dont get me wrong, as an ICT specialist I think games and TV's can be good. But in the right quantities.

Support, communication and motivation.

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  1. totally agree!
    if we are looked after well enough as children i think anyone can then grow up and mould themselves into what they want to be - financially secure, homeowners, business owners, rich, famous, married, parents...
    we can be anything we want if we have a good start and put our minds to it :)