Friday, 24 February 2012

Information 2.0 and its implications - Please comment!

What do you think the implications of information 2.0 upon learners are?

Your opinions would be greatly appreciated! Tweet me @KellyHolborow or comment on here if you can!
I dont know the difference between articles and journals - at least I didn't until today! 
We had 2 seminars on how to access them online through uni - but obviously not in enough detail. I thought I knew how to use them, when in truth I had no idea! Thanks to Pete Yeomans (@ethinking) I think my reading will now expand! 

So basically I wanted to find out about Web 2.0 and Information 2.0 because we are being given the opportunity to learn how to write a Year 3 standard assignment through extra marking on a Year 1 module, and I want to be prepared! No last minute work anymore!
I have only recently started to feel comfortable in my group at uni, and have recently teamed with a couple of people to mark my work to our criteria, in the hope we will all improve. You can view one of their blogs here.

Excuse me if there are a few links in this blog - I've just figured out how to do it! 

So our question (its a broad one, giving us lots of scope) is 'What are the implications of information 2.0 upon learners?' But this isn't Web 2.0, its information 2.0.

So how do I answer this question?
Going on Pete's advice, I am going to start by defining the terms - of course this will involve more research than I'm going to put in the blog but you have to start somewhere, right?  

Researching Web 2.0
This is what I have seen so far looking at common sites through Google (Isnt this linking thing great?!)
Wikipedia says Web 2.0 is the second generation where static web pages have become shareable content and social networking.
Youtube This video gave me lots of buzzwords, which I will probably research and use again in my work if I find it useful - But can anyone tell me what a 'Mash-up' is? Andy Gutmans (@andigutmans) said everyone would know but I dont :(
Slideshare This leads me to believe that Web 2.0 is more person orientated than Web 1.0 which began at a conference
Researching Information 2.0
Mark Lewis of EMC Content Management & Archiving Division presents to me the idea that this is about accessing and processing information - which will need to change in the future because of the amount that will be produced- After all, everything is information!
Youtube Video Although I dont think this completely relates to information2.0 it does have some interesting facts about information and what they predicted back in 2005/6.

This is what I have found out so far, plus the stuff I have learnt in seminars - but I take so many notes they would take hours to type here!

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