Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Since at least monday, I've had a cold which has now stemmed into earache, headache, hot and cold sweats, feeling sick, blocked synuses and generally feeling ill. While I was in school, I was never off school for more than one day, but since 6th form ive been ill ALOT, even more so since I moved to Plymouth.

So is it the city? Maybe its the way my life changed when I moved, maybe its because my Mum made such cracking dinners!

I love my Mum! Who made mums so bloody brilliant! So, for this blog topic, I'm going to talk about my mum, Sandra. She's definitely a topic I'm proud to talk about!

I miss being at home sometimes, I definitely had it easy! I wasn't always happy, but I was spoilt. Not spoilt in the way alot of children are nowadays with materialistic items (I was pretty lucky), but with the amount of care that was given to me as a child. 

My Dad wasnt always reliable, but my mum was, and is always there. And after her mum passed away, me and my brother Stewart were sat together at my Nans funeral when I pointed out one of my Uncles were shaking. My brothers response was one I will never forget 'Well what would you be doing if it was Mum in the coffin?'. That didn't need an answer, but it did get me thinking.

She was a starting point in my life, and although there were definitely other factors, my Mum was definitely the most major influence. Always helping with homework, making me dinner, cleaning the house, letting us have pets, providing us with the best she could and she would never ever stop giving. 

Every Friday, after her long week of work, she would even take us out to her work place (a large service station in Oxford) and give us arcade tokens, buy us a burger king and let us pick a magazine. Every week, without fail. 

I really do feel sorry for the people without Mums because I believe, as the saying goes 'Anyone can be a mother, but it takes someone special to be a Mum'. Without my Mum, I wouldnt have moved out of home and grown up at such a pace. I would probably be one of those people stuck in Torbay with no prospects. Not that all people in Torbay dont have prospects, they do. But you know the people I'm on about.

Afterall, I'm not shamed to admit I failed my first year of AS levels. So, I decided to move. My Mum didnt like the idea of me moving to Plymouth but since she can see the effect, it has definitely grown on her. She can see how happy I am, and how my life has bettered for it. I stand on my own two feet, and stand up for myself now. Previously, I was bullied and standing up for myself was something I never did. I knew I had to hurt her feelings, for her to see the benefits in time.

I speak to her almost daily, about anything. My house, her house, my boyfriend, her husband, my job, her career, uni, neighbours, TV or even dog walking. I cant ever imagine not being able to speak to my mum, she doesnt even have one of those voicemails that I could call to hear her voice, if something were to happen to her. How must she be feeling, she cant do that to her Mum either! The picture underneath shows my Mum, my niece and my Nan the weekend before she passed away. Her very last picture :(

Thats what I hate about time, its going too quickly. I'm not worried about me growing up, thats happening. Thats predicted, but quite honestly im dreading the day I have to be without my Mum. She did everything for me, and still does all she can. 

My Mum deserves a Christmas everyday, I just wish I could afford it.

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