Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Music In School

My life is full of regrets, just as everyone elses is at times - but something I always regret was not learning to play music. I could never read music notes, I tried I really did, and it is something I still cant do.

Hearing music from people who do covers of celebs songs, specifically using the piano or drums makes me incredibly jealous of the talent here. I know I could learn now, but it wouldn't be the same. Take Carrie Fletcher for example, the little sister of pop sensation Mcfly's Tom Fletcher. She has the confidence to sing to the world through video after video of her singing covers. Her voice is no Beyonce, but its bloody good still! Heres a few video's so you can see what I mean: Rolling in the Deep, Shine a Light, The Only Exception. They've been into schools, and this video shows The Olympic Mascot song being performed by them in front of an assembly.

I'm listening to this cover of Whitney Houston right now by Boyce Avenue and although I could never sing like this guy, I am jealous of his piano skills. So it got me thinking about music in primary school - I never really did any :( I was encouraged to play recorder but I hated it, I loved singing and I definitely couldn't play recorder and sing at the same time! The only music I saw was in school plays, and we didnt exactly have many of them!

We did do sign language to Flying without Wings, and were on the news, but I never got the hang of that either!

On school placement I saw music as learning about whether a sound was deep or high, if it floated or just stopped. They used various foreign instruments, and then later in the week I helped my partner, a music specialist to teach a music lesson using his own Ukulele. We sang a song which went something like 'Today I heard the old man say, John Kaknacka Knacka too Nai Aye, Today, Today is a hol-i-day, John Kaknacka Knacka too Nai Aye, too Nai Aye, too Nai Aye, John Kaknacka Knacka too Nai Aye'. It was the most fun I had all week with the kids, dancing and singing and for once I wasnt afraid to be the one singing for everyone. When they didnt get the words right, I just carried on and helped them.

I think if I had done music more in school, I would be more confident and quite happy about singing in the classroom. It seems to be a very important practice, specifically with the younger children where they can sing a lunch time 'prayer' or sing Christmas hymns and songs for a nativity.

Keep music in schools, because as we get older music becomes one of the few things we can enjoy to our hearts' content and consciously make our own opinions and choices about it.

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