Monday, 30 April 2012

Mans Best Friend

To start with, I love my dog. I always have, and even when he's gone I always will.

Aged 13-16, I spent a lot of my life grounded as a troublesome teenager, but Casper, he never gave up on me. He knew I wasnt a bad person, and he knew I enjoyed walking him 3 times a day because he got me out.

So this got me thinking how animals affect the way a persons' life. Forgive me if I do talk a lot about my experiences, Casper's helped a lot.

I started by looking at therapy dogs because I watched this video in the past and it really made me think about how others are affected by the calm and loving prosperity of such a creature. When I am old, I want a therapy dog. Casper helped me when I was young, but as he is already old now, he wont make it until im old and dying!

When I felt down, Casper would sit with me for hours in the garden or on my bed just playing and cuddling, and I want my children, or even children I work with to experience the same happiness that I have with him.
Seeing animals, not just dogs, being hurt makes my blood boil. I follow a page on facebook called 'The Barking Army' who post horrific images and videos, some of which I have cried at but I follow it because it keeps me aware of what nasty people there are in the world, and also those who help the innocent animals.

Ok, so not all dogs are nice and friendly but given the chances and the right training, they could be.

I read a newspaper article last year, about a girl whose dog went to school with her, and he would sit with his head on her desk and would let her know when she needed medicine. Heres another story, about the same sort of dogs. I think it is incredible that such love and devotion can come from such a small animal, and yet us humans are not always the nicest of people.

This blog post might not seem to have a massive point to you, but I watched this video yesterday and it made me so sad. 

Be warned, you dont see any animal abuse, you see a rescue but you can see the injuries of an animals from a dog fight. 

In regards to school, I never had a class pet but I think they should bring them back into schools. Teach the children about love and devotion and how to care for these animals, and maybe animal abuse cases would decrease. It makes me so sad.

The only problem is allergies in children (obviously a big issue!) and who would have them over the holidays. I would by happy to have a zoo in my house, should I be allowed but I want to be able to teach people how to love and care for the animals who rely on you for help.

I want to pass on my love for animals to others, and through teaching I think I will be able to do that. 

If you have watched the video and felt a bit sad (obviously you're not going to be jumping for joy) have a look at these pictures from the Daily Mail to cheer you up!