Friday, 8 March 2013

My Digital Identity

I'd been asked to create a project in uni, looking at my online personality or identity and so I started by Google'ing myself... What a shocking idea that was!

I asked myself these questions - what are your answers?

Am I trying to avoid a stereotype?
Am I dependent on technology?
Do I need to erase my online past?
Does my online past stress me out?
Does my behaviour online have a physical basis?
Is this me?
Has the technological world conditioned me to be the way I am online?
Can I alter my online behaviour?
Can I forget what goes online?
Has being online changed how I deal with emotions?
Can being online help my learning?
Can I have Freudian slips online?
Does technology affect my dreams?
Do people act the same online all around the world?
Is my personality the same online as in person?
How does the internet affect motivation?

See my answers:


  1. I really enjoyed this blog and the accompanying video and have passed it on to my tutees to look at as a way of encouraging them to think about their online presence. It's a good leader into the This is Me ( project blog that I currently use to make students think about their digital identity.

  2. I really liked this post and the video alongside it, I have researched my own digital footprint today and it's crazy how much is kept online. I'm going to think all this through and then make my own video, I'm not sure how to approach the psychology side of things, but I will try! Thanks for the truthful video.