Monday, 3 March 2014

Why living in a student house is not for me

As a third year student, this is the first year I have experienced living in student accommodation. Previous to this I have been lucky enough to have rented privately with someone. But while I am here, I would just like to share my experience of living in a student house and why it is a mistake I will NEVER make again.

Reasons I chose the house I live in:

  • Ensuite
  • Fairly cheap (£1600 a term)
  • 3 minute walk to uni
  • Not far to move from my previous house
Without going into detail, or mentioning anyone's names there are numerous problems which have arisen:
  • Kitchen equipment is constantly being stolen;
  • Certain housemates are unable to use headphones and feel the need to disturb lots of us until the early hours of the morning;
  • Drug use, even after a visit from the police;
  • An inability to stick to a house agreed rubbish rota (please see photo below)
  • An under-age party (kicking drunk 15 year olds out of the house with another housemate is not how I intend to spend my Friday night)
  • Use of my personal microwave without permission
  • Defacing signs made for the benefit of everyone
  • Bullying
People say you are meant to make friends for life in houses like these and there is only one of 14 housemates who I can actually see myself still being in contact with in 12 months time. 

I have been targeted and bullied for trying to make an effort in this house, to get people to be considerate and to tidy up after themselves. I have had my labels and signs defaced, my magnets broken, glasses and plates stolen and not returned, my sleep pattern interrupted, my days disturbed with loud music. Notes I have left have been ignored, laughed at and all methods I have tried have been exhausted. I have had confrontations with one house mate in particular, and as someone who is a considerable amount smaller than him in both build and height, I feel threatened and uncomfortable around him. 

I spend more and more time in my bedroom or away from the house, avoiding the communal parts just to avoid the housemates. I feel empty and alone in this house, isolated and excluded. I don't eat or sleep properly anymore, and cannot focus on my uni work as much as I would like to. 

No one else is having their stuff defaced or broken. People are having their kitchen equipment stolen, but that doesn't make me feel any better - they are suffering too. 

After threatening to contact my letting agencies manager, I am waiting on a meeting with the possibility that I can move house - albeit it will be somewhere with other students, but at least it will be somewhere I feel safe.

So for anyone reading this who is planning on moving into student accommodation - don't, not unless you know and trust the people you are going to live with. And for everyone else reading this, I just wanted to share my experience. 

Less than one weeks worth of rubbish,
which took nearly 30 minutes to bag,
after housemates left it spilling all over the floor. 

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